Burglary (Thief) Insurance

Burglary insurance plan

The burglary insurance policy is designed to cover business premises like godown, factory, office, etc.

About Burglary insurance Policy

The burglary insurance policy provides for all the loss or damage done to the property insured, by theft following upon actual, forcible and violent entry into the premises. It also covers for the damage to the premises following upon entry as above or any  threat. The indemnity provided is to the extent of the value of the property damaged, subject to the limit of the sum insured.


Types of insurance


Full Value Insurance: The policy must be affected for the full value of the property to be insured.


First Loss Insurance: In the event of total loss, proposer can opt for a percentage of total stocks to be insured.


Stock Declaration Policies: These policies are given where large stocks frequently fluctuate in quantity during the year. The sum insured is fixed at the maximum value of stocks.

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